Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Star

This video is cute, but I'm mostly posting it for Lilly, James' other rock star friend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Being 3 years old is funny

I haven't blogged in the longest time, and I totally blame it on Facebook. Ok, so I don't post that often over there either, but I spend the time that I would normally spend blogging. I keep forgetting that I am blogging not only to keep the family and friends in the know, but also as our family journal.

Ok, so James was a great 2 year old; 3 is not as peaceful. He enjoys doing the opposite of what we say just to see what will happen. He's been quite vocal about what choices we give him. We hear this alot:



He's been so funny, but I've been forgetting to take note. I can't forget what happened the other day though. My parents and Ben and I took him to see "UP". He was really scared about being at the movie because "Monsters vs Aliens" ended up being too scary for him back in April. (I took him out of the theater that day and walked around the mall with him.) Anyway, he kept hiding his eyes and staring down at his legs during the commercials BEFORE the previews because he was that nervous. He started to cry a little bit, so I told my mom to say some happy things to him.
Granny: This is sooo fun! We're having a great time!
James: (Staring down at his legs) (cry) yes (cry) we (cry) sure (cry) are! (cry)

We were all laughing so hard that it made him forget he was scared. At least until the previews came on. He finally relaxed after I 1) bought him a bag of skittles 2) He sat on my lap for the whole movie. Ugh, that was not comfortable.

He's in swim lessons at the university this summer and he has been enjoying himself. He's not daring at all, but he's having a good time. The teachers have been taking all the kids down to the 13' side of the pool at the end of class to give them each a chance to jump off the high board, low board or starting blocks. He just sits on the side of the pool and keeps telling his teacher that he'll try to do it "tomorrow". (whenever that is!)

And last but not least, here is an entertaining video of him dancing. I have no idea what gets into this kid sometimes! (and it is entertaining to hear my cackle laugh and my parents singing "shake your booty".)