Saturday, February 13, 2010

It was weird

Monday was so weird this week. It had the potential to be quite stressful since Ben was out of town and it was the first day of the (ESL) semester, but all these strange things kept me entertained.

Before I got to work, I found out that one of my students is here b/c of political asylum. Said student was being hunted by some unsavory characters in their country. I got a notice that a film company is shooting a documentary about this student for the Discovery Channel and that they would most likely be filming in ESL. I have two questions....If people wanted to shoot you down, why would you want to appear on national TV and Can you please put a little black square over my face? I guess we'll be out of Las Cruces by the time they finish and air it, but really? I like life.

I got to class and met my new and returning students. I was thinking one of my students had a twitch because everytime I looked in his direction he winked at me. I observed him from afar and realized that that, no, he didn't have a twitch, he just likes to wink when he answers my questions about English. Lovely. WHY?

After class I was walking through the cafeteria and noticed a guy eating his lunch. That would be pretty normal, except he was eating noodles and veggies with a fork right out of a Walmart sack. No container, no plate, just a big ole bag of stir fry out of the plastic sack. Why? I really almost stopped him to ask WHY?!?!?!

As I walked home from class I noticed that my neighbors' cars are now advertising a lovely new business: Dog Poo Cleaners. The thing is, I'm not even kidding. Each of their cars has those big advertisements on all sides announcing that they will come clean up dog poo at your house. I don't know if that means carpets or grass but WHY?