Monday, February 25, 2008

Where do I sign up to stop an Ebay addiction?

James loves Blue's Clues in the toddler/obssesive way. It's a deep and abiding commitment that only wavers in the face of tomatoes. I was thinking that it was sad that he loves them now--the show is no longer being made and therefore there are no more Blue's Clues products being sold in stores. And then I saw a commercial for Ebay.

In the past few days, I have bid on (and subsequently won) many a Blue's Clues item on ebay. Let's just say that soon we'll be in posession of everything he needs for his Easter basket, Birthday, Birthday Party, Flag Day, 4th of July, Christmas and possible High School Graduation with a Blue's Clues theme. We're talking personalized candy wrappers, dvds, a sleeping bag, toys, books, etc. Somebody has to stop me. Help. Ok, its not that bad. I got lots of the stuff for 99 cents plus shipping, so we're not talking about being financially irresponsible, we're talking about crazy lady on ebay.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I had to explain diarrhea to my ESL class yesterday(We were going over vocabulary you would use at a Dr's office). Yeah, the spanish speaking students recognized the word, but the students who speak the other 6 languages in the class did not. I am so glad no one is recording my words nor my actions in class.

In other ESL happenings--yesterday a male student declared that for Spring Break he was, "going to the BEACH". This caused several of the ladies in the back to gasp and give him quite the evil eye. I asked them what was wrong with going to the beach and basically it all came down to this: they thought he said that he was going to the "b****" . Truthfully, it was funny. Before I knew it they were asking me to write both words on the board, trying to pronounce them, telling Father Rene to 'close his ears', etc. I did NOT humor all of their requests-other than writing both words on the board for comparison and teaching them about certain vowel sounds, etc. Once again, good thing no one is recording me.

Speaking of recording things though, I have to make a secret confession: I am totally stalking the readers of my blog. I haven't wanted to let on, but I figure that everyone should have the joy of seeing all the stats of who visits their blog, when, where, why, how, etc. A waaaayyy old friend of mine, Brett, told me about Its a free service that gives you an HTML code to put on your blog, and in turn you go to their website to see the IP address, city/state, time visited, pages visited, etc., of whoever is visiting your blog. Its way cool! I can usually recognize who it is simply because I know where most of my friends live, you know. But a lot of times people will stumble on your blog from someone else's blog or after doing a search and it tells you that, too! Anyway, maybe this is old news for a lot of you. If it's not, happy stalking :) Now you'll know that I hit everyone's blogs about 2x a day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Five Food Groups...

...according to James are 1) Tomatoes 2) Dry Cereal 3) Tator Tots
4)Rice 5) Chips and Salsa.

He is still feeling a little bit delicate after last weeks GI problems, so we're trying to keep him on a safer diet. Last night, I realized that he had requested and eaten Mexican rice for 3 out of the 5 past meals so I reluctantly gave him a few cherry tomatoes. He ate them in probably 1 minute and said, holding up his pointer finger, "one mo". It's too funny, he will hold up that little finger and say 'one mo(re)' when he wants more of anything from another episode of blue's clues to another spin around the room. It's hard to resist.

I really didn't want him to have any more tomatoes (thinking of his poor stomach) and so I tried to distract him with other options. I'm probably going to mommy he** for this conversation:

James: One mo

Me: (ignoring his request)

James: One mo

Me: Do you want green beans?

James: Matoes!

Me: Do you want juice?

James: One mo. Matoes.

Me: Do you want a cookie?

James: Cookie! (Takes a bite, puts it down.) Matoes! One mo.

Me: Do you want a popsicle?

James: Matoes.

Me: Ok, One more. (I get him 2 little cherry tomatoes)

James: (eats them in 2 seconds) One mo!

Me: Do you want to watch Blue's clues?

James: No! Matoes!

This went on for a while until I could convince him to get out of his high chair and soon after Ben gave him a bath, which is a very happy alternative to all the things I tried to do/give. All that to keep my poor child from eating 'matoes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mmm, the cheesiest!

I don't know why we keep neglecting to take pictures when my mom and dad are around. Here's a few of my mom drawing things for James and James practicing his cheesiest smiles. We never coached him to do that, where the heck does it come from?

Notice the poor, neglected horse in the background? James got it for Christmas and he really couldn't care less that it exists. Its taking up precious space in our living room and I'd like to get rid of it if he's never going to use it but I can't bear to part with it! Ben keeps telling me that maybe he'll use it when he gets older. In the meanwhile its a monumental waste of space!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nothing says, "I love you" like a house full of vomit. James and Ben send each of you their love, but not their illness. I think we'll save the presents and treats for another day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First, my apologies to the R.S., Kelly, Annette, Karla, Melody and my inlaws who all sent lovely cards! Yeah! Second, I really did love the emails and ecards and phone calls! Thank you! Third, I'm still old :)

Yesterday we had our ESL Valentine's party. We did everything from talk about the history of VD (that would be Valentine's day, not a social disease!) to writing about the people we love to eating to playing games. It was awesome! Some of the students wanted to contribute, and the highlight were the spring rolls/egg rolls that the Vietnamese bro/sis brought. They were soooo good. I did have to ask them what meat was in them--I needed to prewarn my muslim students about pork stuff. My mom and dad were here for a few days over the weekend and my mom helped me make about a million decorated heart shaped sugar cookies, homemade heart suckers, chocolate dipped strawberries and treat bags. (my dad played with James and tried to spoil him rotten and teach him words like "mine!") The students were so excited and appreciative and all the work was definitely worth it.

The best part of the party (IMO) was when we played, "Honey I love you but I just can't smile". Does anybody remember that game? Anyway, I taught them how to play and ohmygosh it was the funniest thing you have ever seen. Remember, I've got 18-85 year olds and 8 different countries represented. And a Catholic priest. (Who, by the way, was really excited to receive the SpongeBob valentine I gave him! ha ha ha ha ha!) They were trying to be really creative to get each other to smile and laugh-dancing, singing, funny faces, etc. It was way more entertaining than playing with a group of kids.

Like I mentioned above, my mom and dad were here for a few days and left yesterday. We played cards every night after James went to bed, made lots of treats for my class, spoiled James and hung out. The sum total of their touristy moments were buying more vanilla and pecans and visiting walmart. Yeah, we're THAT exciting.

James is sicky again. Not really sure what it is, but I do know that if you eat red fruit snacks and then throw up, it stains the carpet. So far no luck with resolve OR oxyclean. If there are any suggestions out there, I'd be happy to hear them!

Friday, February 08, 2008

What did I ever do without an Ipod?

Ok, so the birthday fairy (um, Ben) brought me an ipod for my birthday on Tuesday! (oh, you missed it? If you are feeling badly, 1800 is always open!) Anyway, I feel like I'm a teenager again and that I actually have a cool toy! Seriously, who has time to mess with CDs? The only problem is that I asked for a 4GB one-that should be big enough, right? No way, I'm sad that I can't fit much of my music on it. But its soooo stinkin cool. Ben even bought me different headphones since my ears are stupid and can't use the regular ones! And the most adorable pink case in the world! I love it!

In other birthday news: I'm old.

I got plenty of birthday greetings via email and phone, but is it terrible and selfish for me to say that I'm sad that the only physical, tangible cards I got in the mail were from 1)Southwest airlines 2)My insurance agent 3)My chiropractor and 4) My dentist. Well, I guess they'll keep gettting my business! Yes, I love technology, but cards from loved ones make me giddy!

I had to teach on my birthday so I decided to make and take some cupcakes to my students and talk about birthdays for a bit. Yes, I made them from a box, DanaLee. A lot of the students really loved them, especially the lady from Russia. She asked for the recipe and I told her I would bring 'it' on Friday. So today I took her a box of Betty Crocker Cake mix, told her where she could find more in Walmart and that they were about a buck. She was VERY excited. I'm going to have a valentine's party with them on Tuesday of next week, and I think it will be very fun to show them (and give them) everything from Conversation hearts to heart shaped sugar cookies to Spongebob valentines. I'll report on it next week!

Bad pics are still pics, right?

Despite all my best efforts, this is all we could get out of James. I thought he looked really cute so I tried to get some pics and they are baaaaaad! Mostly due to photograper error!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

JUST SOME of my favorite sad songs of ALL TIME. I can't say much about the videos, but I love the songs.

Don Henley, The heart of the matter:

Level 42, Leaving me now:

Gianluca Grignani: Mi historia entre tus dedos:

Mana: No ha parado de llover:

Enjoy! And don't be too terribly weepy!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The weekend

Usually our Friday night 'date night' consists of one of us going to pick up take out and we all hang out at home until James goes to bed and then we'll play a game or watch a movie or whatever. Once a month or so we'll get a babysitter and go out and that is soooo nice. This Friday night we decided to be brave and take James out with us to dinner. We braced for the worst... but he did sooooo well! We went to Chili's and he was so happy to get crayons and a paper menu. We ordered chips and salsa because that is seriously one of his favorite foods. He sat there and happily dipped his chips and ate tons of salsa while the ladies at the next table just oohed and aahed at his adorable self sitting there in a high chair helping himself to the good stuff.

When our meals came he acted as if this is what we do everyday-he ate his chicken and dipped his fries and kept it up for the longest time. We actually got to enjoy our meals and not have him yelling, "Done! Down! Done! Down!" It was a fun time for all of us and we were so proud of him. (then we got home and he threw some sort of major fit because he wanted to watch Blue's Clues.)

Finally, Saturday night I scheduled a block of 'uninterruped' time to watch the season opener of "LOST" that we had recorded. I am seriously addicted to that show. I know which ones of you out there are adicted right with me and those who are disappointed in me liking such a show. Its totally a love/hate relationship... I can't WAIT til it comes on, and then everytime its over, I look at Ben and yell, "I HATE THIS SHOW". I get sooo frustrated because 'not enough happens' but I am back every week for more! I am also ticked that the writer's strike has made it so there will only be 8 episodes this season. Sigh. I guess that's what I get for being worldly. But seriously, its the ONLY show I watch on TV besides the news and Nick jr.

Today in Sunday School, the teacher was talking about Jerusalem around 600 BC and how wicked everyone was. He said, and I QUOTE "They were comitting adultery, idolatry, obesity" I seriously almost choked on my spit I was trying so hard not to laugh. Man, if they were wicked for 'committing obesity' I am sooooooooo going to outer darkness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Here and there

My ESL class is soooo cool! I know I raved about it before, but the combination of people is so diverse that it makes me laugh. Today, almost as if to complete the comedy, I got a new student: a catholic priest from Mexico City. We he introduced himself as a priest (he was wearing street clothes) a couple of ladies in the back crossed themselves. I wonder if we'll have the kind of conversations that happened last semester... :) From the 18 year old Russian girl to the 85 year old Chinese man and everyone in the middle, you gotta watch out for a lot of confusion!

James is doing a lot better, though I really don't feel the urge to take him back to church (meaning nursery) ever again. Would it be wrong if I walked into the nursery with a bottle of "Clorox anywhere spray" and hosed down the toys? I'd probably get kicked out, oooh, or maybe they'd make me the nursery leader and I could disinfect the world and the ward and teach the kids about handwashing hahahahahahah! Note to self and others: the fabulous antibiotic shot does cause all kinds of gastric disturbances. If you don't know what I mean, you don't want to know...