Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Five Food Groups...

...according to James are 1) Tomatoes 2) Dry Cereal 3) Tator Tots
4)Rice 5) Chips and Salsa.

He is still feeling a little bit delicate after last weeks GI problems, so we're trying to keep him on a safer diet. Last night, I realized that he had requested and eaten Mexican rice for 3 out of the 5 past meals so I reluctantly gave him a few cherry tomatoes. He ate them in probably 1 minute and said, holding up his pointer finger, "one mo". It's too funny, he will hold up that little finger and say 'one mo(re)' when he wants more of anything from another episode of blue's clues to another spin around the room. It's hard to resist.

I really didn't want him to have any more tomatoes (thinking of his poor stomach) and so I tried to distract him with other options. I'm probably going to mommy he** for this conversation:

James: One mo

Me: (ignoring his request)

James: One mo

Me: Do you want green beans?

James: Matoes!

Me: Do you want juice?

James: One mo. Matoes.

Me: Do you want a cookie?

James: Cookie! (Takes a bite, puts it down.) Matoes! One mo.

Me: Do you want a popsicle?

James: Matoes.

Me: Ok, One more. (I get him 2 little cherry tomatoes)

James: (eats them in 2 seconds) One mo!

Me: Do you want to watch Blue's clues?

James: No! Matoes!

This went on for a while until I could convince him to get out of his high chair and soon after Ben gave him a bath, which is a very happy alternative to all the things I tried to do/give. All that to keep my poor child from eating 'matoes.

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