Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First, my apologies to the R.S., Kelly, Annette, Karla, Melody and my inlaws who all sent lovely cards! Yeah! Second, I really did love the emails and ecards and phone calls! Thank you! Third, I'm still old :)

Yesterday we had our ESL Valentine's party. We did everything from talk about the history of VD (that would be Valentine's day, not a social disease!) to writing about the people we love to eating to playing games. It was awesome! Some of the students wanted to contribute, and the highlight were the spring rolls/egg rolls that the Vietnamese bro/sis brought. They were soooo good. I did have to ask them what meat was in them--I needed to prewarn my muslim students about pork stuff. My mom and dad were here for a few days over the weekend and my mom helped me make about a million decorated heart shaped sugar cookies, homemade heart suckers, chocolate dipped strawberries and treat bags. (my dad played with James and tried to spoil him rotten and teach him words like "mine!") The students were so excited and appreciative and all the work was definitely worth it.

The best part of the party (IMO) was when we played, "Honey I love you but I just can't smile". Does anybody remember that game? Anyway, I taught them how to play and ohmygosh it was the funniest thing you have ever seen. Remember, I've got 18-85 year olds and 8 different countries represented. And a Catholic priest. (Who, by the way, was really excited to receive the SpongeBob valentine I gave him! ha ha ha ha ha!) They were trying to be really creative to get each other to smile and laugh-dancing, singing, funny faces, etc. It was way more entertaining than playing with a group of kids.

Like I mentioned above, my mom and dad were here for a few days and left yesterday. We played cards every night after James went to bed, made lots of treats for my class, spoiled James and hung out. The sum total of their touristy moments were buying more vanilla and pecans and visiting walmart. Yeah, we're THAT exciting.

James is sicky again. Not really sure what it is, but I do know that if you eat red fruit snacks and then throw up, it stains the carpet. So far no luck with resolve OR oxyclean. If there are any suggestions out there, I'd be happy to hear them!


Brett said...

Carolyn, have you tried Spot Shot? I was able to get Orange Barbie Makeup out of the carpet with that. Nothing else worked...- Deni Berger

Sandy said...

Put a piece of furniture over it!!

Ben and Carolyn said...

Deni, thank you! I'll look for it at walmart tomorrow!

Sandy, don't you have somewhere to be? like maybe the peanut gallery? Ha!

Karla: said...

It sounds like your class is going well. I loved taking your Spanish class. I bet the students LOVE you!