Sunday, November 22, 2009

You can't win them all

James continues to be super competitive. I can't remember if this started with preschool or not. Anyway, everything is always, "I did it fastest, I win!" or "I did it better, I win!" or "I got there first, I win!"

This afternoon we were all lounging around and James says, "I know a game we can play. The person who wakes up in the morning wins!"

I hope everyone who reads this is a winner tomorrow and for many mornings to come!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Annual Pics

I'm really happy about how pics turned out this year. I told them I didn't want any fakey fake backgrounds and minimal props. No sleds, no presents, no balls, no other cheesy studio stuff. Here's a few of the best:

(I guess one good pic with a fallen greek column is ok.)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ben was getting James dressed this morning and they had the following conversation:

J: I want some Bob the Builder underwear.

B: I don't know if they make those kind.

J: Just go to WWW dot Bob the Builder Underwear dot com and look for them there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(This is from back in November. Not sure why it didn't post.)

I'm not a big fan of the early morning. I'm not up singing The Day Dawn is Breaking while it's actually breaking. The boy has made sure that I got a couple of early morning laughs this week.

Monday morning I'm in the shower before work. Ben is out on a walk so I *think* I'm going to have some solitude.

James throws open the bathroom door and yells, "THERES A BUG IN MY ROOM I WET THE BED AND I NEED CEREAL!" Well good morning to you too.

This morning James walks into our room at 6:00 and starts poking me in the back while saying, "Mommy, my butt itches!"

I guess there are a lot worse things he could tell me in the morning, so I'll be grateful for what I got.

Blue's Clues

I wanted to take a pic of James in his Blue's Clues shirt with his BC pals. Something made him start laughing and he gave me some real smiles.

He was really tickled...

And then he wasn't.

Monday, November 09, 2009


Usually the stories I share regarding my ESL classes are generated by the students. For example, in my morning class today the students were comparing and contrasting what you can/can't do in the U.S. with what you can/can't do in their home countries. Here were some of the tibits submitted:

In the U.S. you can't be a prostitute. It's not legal.

In the U.S. you can buy alcohol and guns. (Sounds like they've spent some time in TX)

In the U.S. you can't pay police for your tickets. They don't like money.

In the U.S. you can't little. (I later found out this was supposed to be "litter".)

In the U.S. you can't hit your wife. (And I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I won't get beat....)

In the U.S. the government follows the laws. (Well, sometimes, maybe, depends...)

Anyway, today was a bonus day, because the student teacher assigned to my night class yelled out, "EVERYONE SHOWER TOGETHER NOW!" I was only half paying attention in the back until I heard that and finally realized she meant to say, "Everyone, say 'shower' together right now." (English is her 3rd language.) Thankfully it is a beginner class and the only one raising their eyebrows and giggling was me.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I'm pretty sure we'll be sticking with the bed guardrail for sometime.

This week in James land:

We were playing wii tennis with him. He likes to change up his mii (character) constantly. At the time, his character had long brown hair, facial hair and was wearing a white shirt. He stops midgame to say, "Hey, it's Jesus playing tennis!" Great, just great.

At Chili's on Friday night we were all sitting there enjoying a family dinner when out of NOWHERE James says, "First boys kiss girls, then the boys run away and then the girls cry." What the heck? I'm pretty sure they're not teaching this at preschool or on Nick Jr. This statement pretty much sums up 50% of dating relationships, right? Ben counseled, "Skip the kissing part and just run away."

We've been trying to get an idea of what he wants for Christmas so we can tell the various Santas in our life. Lately when I ask him what he would like for Christmas he kinda looks at me as if I should know and says, "Mommy, I just want everything, ok?"

Thursday, November 05, 2009

This is what crazy looks like

This is what James was doing after Trunk or Treat activities. (Disclaimer: I was out of state, you can't blame the dirty house on me!)

Halloween activities

James had a Bob the Builder birthday party this year, and suprisingly enough, he's stuck with Bob all these long months....Since I went to TX for the funeral, Ben and James did Halloween and all its many events on their own.

Getting ready to trick or treat

A cheesy Bob

With Lilly at the Trunk or Treat. So sad the photo is blurry, they are sooo cute! Lilly's mama made that AMAZING Tinkerbell costume!

At the Preschool Party
All the kiddos who attend the preschool on different mornings. We LOVE our school!

It's our first Jack o Lantern, Charlie Brown!

After going to the Pumpkin Patch, we had to carve one up! James told us he was "so excited" to take out the guts, but once he got a load of them, he changed that tune rather quickly. He wouldn't touch the stuff because "he didn't want to get dirty." Ha! A three year old boy who doesn't want to get dirty. Whatever.

Helping Daddy draw the "Vampire Pumpkin"

Watching carefully so that Daddy "does it right"

Doing the happy pumpkin dance?

With his eyes all aglow in the dark

Smiling like his new vampire friend

First Field Trip Ever!

So I took James to the Pumpkin Patch/Farm last year, but this year it was even cooler b/c it was for his first FIELD TRIP! It was too cute. He was soooo excited to go there with his friends from school. We had a great time, as documented by the photos...

The cute pumpkin he thought he wanted

Smiling for Mommy in the Pumpkin Patch

Smiling despite how freezing cold it was that morning

Our self portrait in the patch

The pumpkin he decided that he really wanted
Hanging out in the tire
Being King of the tire mountain with some of the boys from preschool

Trying to remain king of the Tire mountain while the kids gather around...

Going down the giant slides again and again

NOT wanting to pose by the flowers. Notice how his finger is pointing where he wants to be

Trying to drive the big tractor

Pumping at the water well

Mmm, roasted "cob on the corn". After eating 3/4 of it he told me, "Mommy this has a HORRIBLE taste!"

My Grandma

My Grandma (dad's mom) died last Monday, October 25th. Even though she was 96 years old, we were all surprised when she passed. She went to sleep one afternoon and didn't wake up. We should all be so fortunate to die that way.

She was the youngest of 17 brothers and sisters; all have passed on. She also lost her husband before I was ever born, and her only daughter in the early 80s. My dad was her only (living) child, and my brothers and I were the only grandkids. I imagine there was a very large, happy family reunion when she passed.

Almost the whole family was able to get together for her funeral. It was a really nice, but strange experience. The funeral was on Halloween. A few of us thought that was odd, but Dad said that she wouldn't mind and seeing as how chocolate was her favorite food, I enjoyed some for her on that treat day.

That night a few of my TEENAGED nieces and nephews all decided they should go trick or treating together and I could tag along as their chaperone. I wish I had a pic--they were too funny. No neighbors complained that they were too old and they sure hauled in the loot.

It was a quick exhausting trip, but so worth it. We all had fun together and remembered lots about Grandma. One of my favorite things about her was that when she was in her late 60s/early 70s she drove a Camero. It was my Aunt's car, and when she died my Grandma decided to drive it. She was cool. She also knew her way around a can of Spam. Ha! And Wyatts Cafeteria. And Kmart. She taught me how to play all kinds of crazy card games and dominoes. She always told me I was beautiful and smart. She always wanted to be a teacher--so she was extra proud that she had lots of teachers in the family.

Miss you, Grandma. See you on the other side!