Sunday, November 08, 2009

I'm pretty sure we'll be sticking with the bed guardrail for sometime.

This week in James land:

We were playing wii tennis with him. He likes to change up his mii (character) constantly. At the time, his character had long brown hair, facial hair and was wearing a white shirt. He stops midgame to say, "Hey, it's Jesus playing tennis!" Great, just great.

At Chili's on Friday night we were all sitting there enjoying a family dinner when out of NOWHERE James says, "First boys kiss girls, then the boys run away and then the girls cry." What the heck? I'm pretty sure they're not teaching this at preschool or on Nick Jr. This statement pretty much sums up 50% of dating relationships, right? Ben counseled, "Skip the kissing part and just run away."

We've been trying to get an idea of what he wants for Christmas so we can tell the various Santas in our life. Lately when I ask him what he would like for Christmas he kinda looks at me as if I should know and says, "Mommy, I just want everything, ok?"


Janine said...

Sounds like the boy is easy to please at least... thanks for the funnies!

Sandy said...

Hang on and enjoy the ride -- chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!!

Jenny said...

I'm thinking the kissing thing came from the nursery rhyme?
And all he wants is everything?! That means coal too, right?

Funny stories--I love to read Jamesisms.