Thursday, November 05, 2009

First Field Trip Ever!

So I took James to the Pumpkin Patch/Farm last year, but this year it was even cooler b/c it was for his first FIELD TRIP! It was too cute. He was soooo excited to go there with his friends from school. We had a great time, as documented by the photos...

The cute pumpkin he thought he wanted

Smiling for Mommy in the Pumpkin Patch

Smiling despite how freezing cold it was that morning

Our self portrait in the patch

The pumpkin he decided that he really wanted
Hanging out in the tire
Being King of the tire mountain with some of the boys from preschool

Trying to remain king of the Tire mountain while the kids gather around...

Going down the giant slides again and again

NOT wanting to pose by the flowers. Notice how his finger is pointing where he wants to be

Trying to drive the big tractor

Pumping at the water well

Mmm, roasted "cob on the corn". After eating 3/4 of it he told me, "Mommy this has a HORRIBLE taste!"


Chelsea B. said...

"Three or nothing!"

I miss him, I hope to see him soon.

He'll probably be as tall as me when I do. He grows so fast.

Flowers said...

nice blog with a nice picture of cutie that looks like a pumpkin and blooming like a flower. It was nice going through the pictures on your blog.