Friday, February 01, 2008

Here and there

My ESL class is soooo cool! I know I raved about it before, but the combination of people is so diverse that it makes me laugh. Today, almost as if to complete the comedy, I got a new student: a catholic priest from Mexico City. We he introduced himself as a priest (he was wearing street clothes) a couple of ladies in the back crossed themselves. I wonder if we'll have the kind of conversations that happened last semester... :) From the 18 year old Russian girl to the 85 year old Chinese man and everyone in the middle, you gotta watch out for a lot of confusion!

James is doing a lot better, though I really don't feel the urge to take him back to church (meaning nursery) ever again. Would it be wrong if I walked into the nursery with a bottle of "Clorox anywhere spray" and hosed down the toys? I'd probably get kicked out, oooh, or maybe they'd make me the nursery leader and I could disinfect the world and the ward and teach the kids about handwashing hahahahahahah! Note to self and others: the fabulous antibiotic shot does cause all kinds of gastric disturbances. If you don't know what I mean, you don't want to know...

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