Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sad news

I just found out (and confirmed on the kutv website) that President Hinckley died. I know he made it to 97 years old and that he was certainly thrilled to reunite with loved ones, (and celestial beings, for that matter) it is sad nonetheless. He was the president and prophet of the church throughout my formative young adult years :) Someday when I talk about him to my children and grandchildren they'll say, "wow! you were alive when President Hinckley was the prophet! You are old!" :)

I love him and all he did for the church. He was truly a prophet of God and I have a strong testimony of that. You know that temples and 'media' will always stick out when we speak of him and remember him. I know that President Monson will be a wonderful prophet-and I look forward to all that will happen while he is president and prophet.