Monday, January 21, 2008

I know that I am not blogging for the masses here, but recently I am feeling weird about the wide range of people who stop by and read my blog. My parents, my in laws, (hopefully the rest of our family too), college roommates and friends from that 'era', church friends, a handful of friends from way-back-when, a few Internet friends, people who come over from other friends' blogs, boys, girls, women, men, etc. I mean really, who can I rant and rave about if all the people I interact with are reading my comments :) What if you are sitting there reading my blog and think that I write about weird stuff.

Oh well, its not like I'm posting about feminine hygiene products.

My ESL class does start again tomorrow, so you know there will be some good stories coming from that!

On a James note: Yesterday was Sunday, so off we went to church. We got James out of his car seat and walked him to the sidewalk at the way BACK of the church. He ran up the sidewalk and straight into the church and continued running down the hall. We were following him from a distance as he kept on keeping on dodging people here and there. We were a few minutes late, but the chapel doors were still open and james ran right in and continued running up the aisle. He did not STOP running til he reached the Bishop. ON the stand, at the podium. Ben went up to retrieve him and the moment he picked him up, he demonstrated his toddlerness for the congregation. Let's just say he wasn't using his 'inside voice'. It was funny, mostly 'cause I wasn't the one carrying him!

A fabulous, amazing, wonderful thing: My friend Karla and her Husband Dave are in Vietnam RIGHT NOW! They are there to bring home their beautiful, charming son Spencer. Their adoption story and pics are chronicled here. And BTW, it was Karla who taught me how to do a hyperlink in my blog :)

I hope all is well in everyone's world.


Karla: said...

Goodie! You posted a hyper-link. (I am so proud of you.) I love reading your blog. . . keep up the good work, Missy!

Sandy said...

Go ahead and tell funny stories about me! My children do on their blogs.