Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Does anyone else have stupid ears?

I have stupid ears. I try and I try to put ear bud headphones in my ears and it doesn't work. I feel like I am a blond joke. I try to wedge them into my ears and as soon as I move my head one milimeter (ha, I was going to say mililiter) they fall out of my ears. Seriously, am I defective? How am I supposed to overtake Ben's Ipod if I can't use the headphones?

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Sandy said...

Leslie had the same problem with the earbuds for her ipod so she got a q-tip and cleaned her ears. Viola!! problem solved (solving problems for 10-year-olds is so easy - the federal government might want a little help from her!?) You, Carolyn, just might be "defective", but I doubt it. Have you tried super glue (ha, ha)