Friday, February 08, 2008

What did I ever do without an Ipod?

Ok, so the birthday fairy (um, Ben) brought me an ipod for my birthday on Tuesday! (oh, you missed it? If you are feeling badly, 1800 is always open!) Anyway, I feel like I'm a teenager again and that I actually have a cool toy! Seriously, who has time to mess with CDs? The only problem is that I asked for a 4GB one-that should be big enough, right? No way, I'm sad that I can't fit much of my music on it. But its soooo stinkin cool. Ben even bought me different headphones since my ears are stupid and can't use the regular ones! And the most adorable pink case in the world! I love it!

In other birthday news: I'm old.

I got plenty of birthday greetings via email and phone, but is it terrible and selfish for me to say that I'm sad that the only physical, tangible cards I got in the mail were from 1)Southwest airlines 2)My insurance agent 3)My chiropractor and 4) My dentist. Well, I guess they'll keep gettting my business! Yes, I love technology, but cards from loved ones make me giddy!

I had to teach on my birthday so I decided to make and take some cupcakes to my students and talk about birthdays for a bit. Yes, I made them from a box, DanaLee. A lot of the students really loved them, especially the lady from Russia. She asked for the recipe and I told her I would bring 'it' on Friday. So today I took her a box of Betty Crocker Cake mix, told her where she could find more in Walmart and that they were about a buck. She was VERY excited. I'm going to have a valentine's party with them on Tuesday of next week, and I think it will be very fun to show them (and give them) everything from Conversation hearts to heart shaped sugar cookies to Spongebob valentines. I'll report on it next week!

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DanaLee said...

Oh crap. I was totally going to send you a birthday email (sorry, I haven't bought a stamp in years) but I had major local friend trauma which I will post about soon. I am glad you love your Ipod! I can get behind a good cake mix cupcake sometimes too but if you were local I would have totally made you some from scratch!