Monday, February 26, 2007

Why won't he eat real food?

I don't know how many different kinds of finger friendly foods I have tried, this child won't eat them! He will eat ANY FLAVOR of baby food, including green veggies, broccoli and chicken, etc., but he won't eat any thing with texture. If there is the tiniest lump in his food he spits it out and swallows the rest. Well, actually he will "beg" for food off of our plates, and occasionally he'll actually keep it in his mouth-this weekend he ate some tiny pieces of chicken from 5 Brothers and some noodles from beef stroganoff. He has eaten a couple of little pieces of graham cracker and cereal bars, but that's it. He will not pick up food and put it in his mouth, though apparently he feels my slippers have an exquisite taste! yuck!

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