Thursday, May 01, 2008

Many heartfelt thanks to those who have called us and asked about James and if we need any help. The only help I need is for someone to come with one of those little gadgets from Men in Black to erase my memory. Its hard to think about his airway almost being swollen shut and that he might have needed a tracheotomy. I saw our Bishop/anesthesiologist last night and just hearing him talk about the whole thing again made me break out into a cold sweat all over. I'm so grateful for our happy ending and for our little boy. I'm not so grateful for all the trauma! James is grateful for all the special treatment. I don't think he even realizes anything happened at all!

Meanwhile, the poor kid has a whole mess of medications that we have to give him for his ears, adenoid removal, breathing stuff, allergies, etc. He's having 3-4 breathing treatments a day, 3 doses of oral antibiotic, drops in his ears 3x a day, a nose spray for allergies, an oral medication for allergies and I think that's it. We're hiding all the oral stuff in sprite and applesauce and milk, but whenever he sees us preparing the other stuff, he just starts running away and saying "no breathing! No ears! No nose!" By next week, his meds should be reduced to just stuff for allergies.

In other news, a new Young Men's president was called last Sunday. Um, that makes 4 (four!) since I was put in as YW's president. I'm starting to get a complex--am I that hard to work with, people?

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