Monday, May 04, 2009

Heaven Help Us

Earlier this evening:

Ben: Let's get ready to go to Albertsons. James, do you want to wear your Star Wars shirt?

James: (Starts crying) No! I don't want to wear that one!

Me: James, what's wrong with your Star Wars shirt?

James: (Still crying) The girls at Albertsons won't like that shirt! Waaaaaahh!

(Ben and Carolyn try, oh we try, to contain the hysteria of his crying and our laughter. James chooses his Bob the Builder shirt.)

20 Mins later at Albertsons:

Female Employee: Hi James!

(I am not kidding: James sticks out his chest and pulls out the corners of his shirt so that she can fully see his shirt.)

Female Employee: Oooh, I like that shirt!

James smiles and gets all shy.

Yeah, heaven help us.

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Deni said...


You are in big trouble. He is too cute.