Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Somebody had a birthday!

Turned 4! Eating peanuts at his choice of birthday restaurants. When we asked him where he wanted to go he said, "Does this town even have a PF Changs?" :) Yeah, so his 2nd choice was Texas Roadhouse even though he's only been there one time.

Turned 3! I am admittedly really bad at picking out presents for this kid. Most of my "big gifts" turn out to be really bad ideas. He's only been on the bike 3 times in a year.

Turned 2! Here we are at the park on his birthday. Hard to believe he actually needed a jacket. It is NOTORIOUSLY windy on his birthday here every year. This year I decided to have his party indoors, and yep, it's been calm all week.

Turned 1! He wouldn't eat that cake! He ate a few bites of frosting if it was fed to him, but otherwise, he was content just to smash it around.

Sweet baby just born! He had a GIANT head and GIANT feet. All the rest of him was giant in no time!

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Karla said...

I love Birthdays!!!! What a sweetheart.