Friday, June 11, 2010


Ben and I got married and moved to Las Cruces less than 2 weeks later. We affectionately refer to our wedding/reception/moving time as the "five state nightmare." We had an engagement party in Utah; we got married in Oklahoma; we had an open house in Kansas, a reception in Texas, and then we moved to New Mexico. It was slightly insane. I can freely say this now since 6 years have gone by. Yep, six years! A lot happened in those six years.

*We learned how to be married :)
*I taught middle school for a couple of years.
*Ben started and finished his masters and phd.
*My parents served their mission in Vanuatu.
*We became parents...We had JAMES!
*I taught p/t for the community college.
*We served in church callings.
*We made some very dear friends and we miss them terribly!
*Etc, etc, etc.

Las Cruces will always be near to our hearts. I can't say enough about the dear friends and experiences that made our time there so sweet. It was hard to leave. I imagine I will feel sad everytime I think about it for quite some time.

I think this is a good time to have this blog made into a book and call it done. I'll be starting a new blog and I'll post here soon how to find it! Until then, vaya con dios :)


Journey Rocks! said...

You can't stop the blog! I look forward to reading about you and your family -- especially your cute little charmer and his escapades... If you make a new one, please include me in your "guest list"... Hope that all is well with you and getting settled in your new digs. :)

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