Friday, August 19, 2005

Juneau and Prince Rupert, Canada

The next port we went to was Juneau. There is a lot to do in Juneau. There are tons of shops and touristy things in town. We went whale watching. There aren't any really beautiful whale pictures. The humpbacks are primarily what we saw. Turns out that humpbacks come to Alaska/Canada with only one thing in mind. FOOD!!!!!! They don't do anything else. Unfortunately, we didn't see any flying up out of the ocean to splash us like Shamu. They were very intent on feeding. After they eat, they take a trip down to Hawaii to breed. We also saw some Harbor Seals that day. If you look closely you can see them on the rocks. They look like sausages. We couldn't get any closer because they are very skittish.

Next in Juneau, we visited a Historic Gold Mine and panned for gold. It takes some real skill to pan for gold. We got to keep any gold that we find in the process.

Here's a picture of us and our little bit of gold in Ben's hand.

Khutzamateen Grizzly Bears

Prince Rupert, Canada was actually the last port we visited but the Grizzly Bears fit in well here. In Prince Rupert, Ben went Halibut fishing while Carolyn went to see the fuzzy wuzzy bears. The bears are kinda hard to see but give it a try. Carolyn also saw some more whales on her trip.

When Ben finish fishing, he went for a walk around town and got some good shots of the Prince Rupert City Hall and a tribal lodge.

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