Friday, August 19, 2005

Last Day of the Cruise and Misc. Pics

We had a lot of fun on this cruise and had some wonderful experiences. The rooms were, well, cozy. This picture is of the shower in the bathroom. I had to tilt my head just to get in it.

Here are some pictures of what the deck of the ship looked like. The last day was really beautiful. Everyone was out enjoying the weather.

Every night there was a turndown service and they would make little towel creatures and put them on the bed.

On our way home, we cruised through the Inside Passage. It is so beautiful and calm. We saw Orca and Dolphins on our way. Unfortunately, we didn't have our camera with us when we saw them so we don't have any pictures.

Then there was this time when Carolyn was being goofy and wanted me to take a bunch of glamour shots of her.

Then Carolyn got really sad because we were leaving and we had to go back home and be normal.

But then there was a really cool sunset.

That pretty much sums up our vacation. We got back to Seattle and went to Pike's Place Market, the place where the guys throw the whole fish and catch it to be packed and shipped. It was in some famous movie. Anyway, this cruising thing is a really great way to get away from it all and relax and have fun. It was a very romantic getaway for both Carolyn and I and we hope to do it again sometime. That's all for now.

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