Thursday, October 18, 2007

ESL strikes again

When class ends every student bids me farewell with normal greetings such as, "Have a good day" "Have a nice weekend" etc. I usually repond with "You too. Be good and don't get into trouble". After a few students said goodbye to me last Friday, one lady yelled out "No cocaine for you, Mrs. Swan". I was caught between the amusement of her suggestion and concern that the class had a VERY wrong opinion of me. I said, "Yolanda, what do you mean 'no cocaine for me"?

Yolanda: No cocaine for you. Your husband will do the cocaine.

Ok, this is still not good.

Me: Um, why will my husband 'do the cocaine'?

Yolanda: Your husband always do the cocaine. You very lucky.

At that point I realized that she was saying "COOKING".

I reminded her that 'cocaine' was an illegal narcotic and 'cooking' was an action verb. We all went home happy. (I was happy mostly because of my husband who does the 'cocaine' :)

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stuckihouse said...

My husband does most of our cocaine also. It is pretty great.