Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is it too much just to want to poop by myself?

I ask myself this question everyday. Is it really too much to go to the bathroom, alone, without someone crying, screaming, banging, whining, jiggling the doorknob, etc. on the other side of the door? (No, its not Ben). Yes, I understand that James does his business right there in the living room-but that really doesn't work out for me. Sometimes James will even come over and lean on us for support as he, well you know, but how do I convey to a 18 month old that while I love him, he needs to LEAVE ME ALONE while I'm in the bathroom. You know, the concept of "luxury" has morphed. Luxury used to mean nice vacation, fancy chocolates, expensive stuff, hot date, sleep til whenever. Now, luxury=getting a shower, no stains on my clothes, freshly vacuumed carpet and PEEING BY MYSELF!

On that same note, James is now wearing size 6 diapers. Yep, size 6. He's 18 months and from what I've read, most little boys don't get serious about potty training until well after their 2nd birthday. Sigh. I searched online and found Pampers in a size 7. What's after that, Depends? I mean, you've seen the pictures, right, he's cute as can be, but he's a giant! His head is still so big that we have a real problem getting a lot of pj tops on and off. The Bishop and his sons are calling him "Smackdown Swan". His size is also presenting an interesting problem regarding toddler behavior, tantrums, etc. He's not this petite little thing that you can swoop up and carry out of sacrament meeting and hold in your arms indefinitely. When he gets mad and is thrashing about, its all I can do to pick him up-- his 40lbs of flailing toddler angst are too much for my arms and back. Ben can wrangle him fairly well-but I can't call him home for James' toddler moments. I know, its not a big deal, especially when you see how stinkin adorable he is in his Hawaiian shirt...

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Mac said...

I believe you and my wife are fellow travelers. we have a 16 month old boy and he won't leave her alone. Your kid is gigantor!