Monday, December 17, 2007

My recommendation:

Do NOT go see "I Am Legend". The end.


Karla.: said...

Really? Why?

Ben and Carolyn said...

I hated it, therefore you should not see it! :) Ben requested that we see it and I didn't know that it was practically a horror movie. Not much of a plot. Not much character development. The dog dies. Requires too much 'suspension of disbelief'. Emma Thompson sold her soul to be in the movie for 3 minutes. Sigh.

Karla.: said...

Oh. . . I thought it was a thriller. . . not a horror movie. Thanks for the advice! I will steer clear. I hear National Treasure is coming out soon. I loved the first one, so maybe the second one would be a better choice then Legend. (It’s PG, so it can’t be too bad.)