Monday, June 02, 2008

Ok, so since I installed my little spy tool on the blog, it freaks me out a bit to see what "key words" lead people to our site. In other words, Stat Counter tells me what phrases people googled and then came to our site to find. Its very surprising the number of people from Great Britain who come to my blog looking to answer the difference between a Hamburger and a Beefburger. What's really scary is the number of hits that I get about "vicodin and benedryl". I wonder if people out there made the same stupid mistake I did, or maybe are wondering if they can take both at the same time for their real problems, or if its a common druggie thing and they are wanting to know doses, quantities, whatever. Or maybe its because I always mispell Benadryl and so do the druggies. who knows?

Vicodin and benedryl are a bad idea. Just say no. Dare to stay off drugs. Ask Nancy Reagan.
Vicodin and benadryl are a bad idea. (I spelled it both ways, so all druggies, both literate and not can get the message.)

The most freakiest thing is that two days ago I got a hit from the phrase, "while he's on cocaine, he's always angry." AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! I KNOW I'VE NEVER WRITTEN ANYTHING ABOUT THAT ON MY BLOG. Who knows. Just so everyone knows: Cocaine is NEVER a good idea. very bad idea.

On a non drug related note:

Tonight James was playing with my phone and I borrowed it for a minute to get a phone number. All the while he yelled, "MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE. MY PHONE! MY PHONE!" When I calmly handed it back to him he stopped and said, "oh, thanks" with a surprised little tone as if I had just handed him an unexpected present. Silly kid.


Mom said...

Remember the phone incident (MINE, MINE, MINE. . . .) because it will probably recur when he is 13, 14, 15ish - maybe younger. Hang on and enjoy the ride! Sandy

J & K Shapiro said...

Nice drug outreach there. :)