Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa

To Grandma and Grandpa Swan, these two are especially for you:

This morning, James had 2 little friends come over to play. One of the little boys started stepping on a doll that Ben's mom had made for him when he was little. I asked him not to step on it, "...because James' grandma made that doll." James looked at me all amazed and said, "My grandma made that doll?" I answered him and they went off to play again. At snack time the guys were sitting around the table, each eating a packet of fruit snacks. James stopped, looked at the one little boy and SNOTTILY said, "My grandma made these fruit snacks." It was too funny!

And for Grandpa Swan:

James was terrorizing us Sunday night, just generally being a 2 year old. I told him he was being naughty and to calm down. A few minutes later this dialog happened:


Me: Yeah, Se nota.

James: NOTA!

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Shober Fam said...

Carolina! How are you? (I was about to call you Senorita Bond, but that just doesn't work anymore :) ) Your little boy is so cute!

-Antonia :)