Sunday, January 11, 2009

I know little kids will lie. I didn't think that James was old enough to do it.

First: While we were at my parent's house we left James with Granny and Papa and we ran off to Houston for the day. While we were gone, James walked up to granny in the kitchen and said, "I cut my finger." He had a little bit of blood, so she cleaned it up and bandaid-ed him. When she asked how he did it he said, "I used my nail clippers." Granny went with him to find the nail clippers and instead found a lamp he had knocked down with a broken lightbulb. Mmmhmm. Nail clippers. Right. When she asked if he cut himself on the lamp he fessed up to it.

Today: I brought him home from church and as we were walking in the door he asked if he could hold my keys. Sure, whatever. I used the bathroom and then left the door open as I went to my room to change. I heard him go into the bathroom, slam down the toilet lid and flush. He then walked into my bedroom--without the keys. I asked him, "where did you put my keys?" He walked me into the bathroom and said, "In the potty."



"YOU ARE IN SOOO MUCH TROUBLE. You are going to time out RIGHT NOW!"

waah waahh waah

I went through various attempts to find my keys in the toilet. NO luck. I asked him again where my keys were.

"In my room." "In your room" "At church" "With daddy" etc etc etc

I sent him to his room. I kept looking around the apartment and finally found the keys stuffed inbetween couch cushions. I brought him out and showed him the keys in the couch and told him he needed to tell me the keys were there and not make up a story.

"Ok, mama."

Oh, please somebody tell me I'm not raising Cain here.


Chelsea B, said...

Wow... on one hand, that's really bad.

On the other, I believe he's going to be a very creative individual. He, like you, seems like you both have a book to write in your future.

This little girl I work with has quite an imagination too. I'm not even going to begin with her though. Haha. :P

Pawloski said...

Haha..... He is a sneaky one! It makes me wonder what crazy things Sophie will do.