Sunday, April 27, 2008

James' ears

Well, the time is at hand for James' little surgery. It will be on Tuesday morning sometime; we won't know the exact time until tomorrow (Monday) when they call and tell us when to report. The office said that they do the surgeries in age order, so I imagine that James will be fairly early in the morning. He can't have anything to eat after dinner the night before and he can only have clear liquids until 4 hours before his procedures and then nothing. I'm not waking him up in the middle of the night to offer beverages! We could report as early as 6am, which would be ideal since he probably wouldn't be hungry (and hopefully not thirsty) since he normally doesn't get up that early.

The surgical center said to expect to be there for 3-4 hours and our Bishop (an anesthesiologist) told us everything to expect. They're going to drug him in all kinds of ways that day: first they'll give him an oral medicine to "relax" him. (Ha ha, I'd pay money to watch him drink medicine for them!) Then they'll come and get him from us and have him breathe with the 'sleepy mask'. After he's asleep, they'll do the iv thing and they have to intubate him, too. I'm sooo glad I won't be seeing all this. I had a HORRIBLE experience when they tried for 2 1/2 hours to iv James in the middle of the night at the hospital last November. Anyway, then the surgeon will do the tubes first and then take out his adenoids--about 15 minutes. Then they'll wake him and take everything out. Bishop said that all kids react differently to anesthesia: some will wake up and just be sleepy, some will be loopy, others will be varying degrees of scared and others will be TICKED OFF. I'm probably most anxious about that part, but I'm hoping James' regular laid back, trusting personality will help with this.

We're well stocked with all kinds of enticing soft foods and drinks. Our home teacher came over tonight and helped to give him a blessing. We've got a couple of little presents to give to him. I think we're ready. If anyone thinks of anything else or has other ideas, let me know asap!

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes! I'll report sometime on Tuesday to let everyone know how it went.


stuckihouse said...

Hope all goes well tomorrow and things get better! A little scary but I am sure you all will do great!

Brett said...

Carolyn, this is probably really scary for you. I can surely relate.

Another side effect of anesthesia is constipation. I would watch for this and if it becomes a problem, try a stool softener, apple sauce, etc.

Good luck to little James...and to Mom and Dad who will be patiently waiting outside.

Sandy said...

I'm sure all will go well - best of luck!

J & K Shapiro said...

Thanks for the update, we will say our prayers for you all (Katie's seem to be especially effective, so I'll tell her too). Enjoy just laying on the couch for recovery, although kids bounce back fast. James will do great.

Lacey said...

Hey Caroline its Lacey! I found your blog through Maggies. Good luck with everything tomorrow. He will do great. Ally had that surgery done and it was the best thing ever. If he is anything like Ally coming out of anesthesia it will be quite the entertainment.