Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I am soooo not cut out for this.

The nifty thing about blogger is that I can jump on between vomiting sessions and pour my heart out into my online journal without being bothered to find paper and pen. I always know where the computer is. Yeah, I'm sounding pretty stupid at 2:40 am.

James had a special April Fools joke for us tonight. Long story short: after being crazy and awake from 10:30 pm til 2am with no apparent explanation he started throwing up. I am proud to say that I was holding him at the time and used my body as a shield: I "caught" (um, and absorbed) all the vomit, with no need for floor cleaners, yeah!

We bathed him, I showered, we started laundry and now Ben is back to bed. I'm staying up on guard at least for a while. Don't worry, I already negotiated a great sleeping in time with Ben. The main thing I'm worried about is getting the bug. James and I have been "sharing" things all day, every day. Here's hopin...


stuckihouse said...

Has your pediatrician even spoken to you about pro-biotics? We have been using them for over a year and our dr. insists kids go on them when they are on anti-biotics. I know James' vomiting is most likely not from antibiotics, but I think the pro-biotics saved Colin and I from a stomach flu a few weeks ago. Colin and I were taking the pro-biotics just as a good health/prevention tactic since we had been traveling, etc. Both my parents had a stomach bug, and the day before my Dad started vomiting Colin spent a ton of time with him, on his lap, sharing food, etc. But neither Colin or I got sick, which was just a little gift from heaven. I love pro-biotics.

Chelle said...

A vomit shield... I love it! I love reading your blogs. They make me so happy. Except for when you are sick, of course. It's just that you have such a fun sense of humor! Thanks for sharing!