Sunday, April 13, 2008

My baby is 2!

April 12th, 2006:

April 12th, 2007:

April 12th, 2008:

James turned two yesterday! I'll blog about the party and all that later. For now, I wanted to do more of a developmental 'record' of sorts. Or in other words, I want to remember what he was like and what he could do when he was 2.


*His favorite thing to do is climb stairs and slide down anything. He also LOVES swinging, is obsessed with bubbles and will do anything to get outside. The park is his favorite place to go.

*He LOVES the nursery at church. He has never been sad nor anxious to get dropped off. He'll rarely take the time to say bye to us.

*He loves going to the mall, walmart, and albertsons. He is in heaven when he actually gets to walk and we don't put him in the basket or a stroller. People always stop and talk to him and fawn all over him, especially at Albertsons. This week at albertsons, the bakery lady came out to give him a cookie, someone from the deli gave him a chicken leg, the customer service manager always comes and asks if he can pick him up, all the cashiers spend way too much time with us, etc.

*Loves to wander the neighborhood and be with other kids. Is starting to show a bit of empathy. When another child or baby cries he looks at me with this cute little concerned face and ask me, "baby sad?"

*Will climb up and down stairs, but needs a hand or a rail to hold.
*Prefers to run run run, instead of walking.

*Dances a crazy little dance by running in place when music is on.

*Climbs onto all furniture and into minivan and into carseat. Is no where near able to get himself out of the crib.

*Is no where near ready to start potty training. He will usually tell us when he is poopy and when he is peeing, but shows NO interest in the toilet.

*Is good with a fork for stabbing, but not very good with a spoon for scooping.

*Loves to sit in his high chair and draw. WIll do it for looong stretches of time. Tries to draw (and is pretty good at) circles, triangles and squares.


*Knows all the words for everything in his world and his daily activities. Has to name everything all the time. When we tell him what something is, he always remembers the new word. He's an awesome little live language lab!

*Has just started (Past two weeks) combining 2 words. (Diego cup, kick dad, no singing, one more book, bye mama, go outside.)

*Will answer the question, "What's your name?" correctly. Will ask where something went by raising his palms up and saying, "Go, go?"

Visual recognition:

*Can pick out the logos for Walmart, Albertsons, Target, and Sonic :) (He always sees them in the newspaper or their sacks and brings them to us and tells us what it 'says'. )

*Knows letters: J, O, W (Don't ask me why!?)

*Recognizes and will say blue, green, black, red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink. (Magenta and Periwinkle don't count because they are animals and not colors to him!)

*Recognizes and will say circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. Will also point out faces and say "happy" or "sad".

Favorite foods:

*Obviously kids love junk. James is a kid, ergo, James loves the regular junk. (His favorites are tator tots and suckers).

*LOVES: Tomatoes, green bean, carrots, rice, milk, breakfast meats!

*He will usually eat: waffles with peanut butter, dry cereal, hotdogs, noodles, crackers, chicken nuggets, stir fry veggies and any kind of fruit.

*Sometimes he'll eat: yogurt, the meat we're eating, potatoes, bread.

"Unique" things:

*Has been on 18 flights (9 roundtrips) and has been to 6 states.

*Has been hospitalized 2 times for croup and bronchiolitis.

* Has always been in the 100% + percentile for height and weight. (Currently at 45 lbs and 39 1/2 inches.)

*Is taking his first swim class right now.

*Do we need to even mention Blue's Clues? He also loves Teletubbies and is a fan of Dora, Diego and the other nickjr toons.

*Has always been a very easy little guy! Quite laid back and fun to be around. Loves to bathe and does not oppose naps or bedtime. We LOVE HIM!

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