Monday, March 31, 2008

As Seen on TV

Its normal to be skeptical of those "As seen on TV" products, right? I can say that I've never picked up the phone and ordered one (or two because IF YOU CALL NOW BUY 1 GET 1 FREE) of anything for sale on the tv. However, about 1 1/2 years ago we broke down and bought THE MAGIC BULLET, mostly because I thought the infomercial was so stinkin cool and we figured we could save a bundle on baby food. (Which we did! We pureed a lot of stuff for James, including favorites such as roast with potatoes and carrots, yum!) We continue to use the Magic Bullet almost daily for smoothies and such. It truly does occupy 'only the space a coffee cup would take up', which is important when we LITERALLY only have 1 foot x 2 feet of counter space. I do recommend this product! (We bought it at Target.)

Ok, so today I bought my second "as seen on TV" product and I LOVE IT MORE THAN THE MAGIC BULLET!!!! I went to Walgreens (the ultimate source of 'as seen on tv' items) this morning and on an impulse bought the PED EGG. I was a bit skeptical 'cause I've tried a lot of stuff on my oft callused feet. However, after a few minutes with this little gadget my feet are AWESOME! So soft and lovely! I am so exited that I can't stand it. I highly recommend it! One caveat: it is NOT mess free, as advertised. But, who cares? Small price to pay for super sexy summer sandal feet! :)

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stuckihouse said...

OK, I want one. I have ordered several products from infomercials, so I am a sucker for stuff like this. I got a pedicure about a month ago but already need another. So you say to go to Walgreens? Thanks for the tip.