Sunday, March 30, 2008

Home again!

We just got back from Texas--that's why I've been so lame on the blogging front. We enjoyed ourselves with family and friends and alligators. I don't want to post any pictures yet because I still need to get a bunch from my mom's camera. I know so many of you (um, like 2, maybe) will be breathless waiting to see our pics!

We took James to his first movie. I figured it couldn't be too bad with 4 adults there to keep one toddler in check. And since he's not two yet, he was free! The only animated movie out right now is "Horton hears a Who". My short, critcal, non-supported opinion: it was LAME. James was VERY nervous for the first 20 minutes or so because of a 'scary' preview for Ice Age 3. After he realized that he had a sprite and popcorn in his lap, he felt a lot better :) He paid attention to the whole movie, but in particular he totally fixated on Jojo. WHO KNOWS WHY? Everytime Jojo was in the scene he just kept repeating his name and whenever he wasn't in a scene he kept asking me, "Jojo go?" When the movie was all over he wasn't very happy about leaving and when we put him in the car he started WAILING for Jojo. And I mean sad, mournful wailing. He kept crying Jojo's name over and over and I thought, "That kid has never missed anyone that much." When we got home he was still so upset that I found a bunch of Jojo clips on youtube and played them for him over and over til I couldn't take it anymore. Then we distracted him with bubbles.

Bubbles are another major theme of this trip. My parents have a screened in back patio, and James would sucker each and everyone of us into blowing bubbles with him for hours and hours a day. The only thing that he loved more than bubbles was the garden. Particularly, grabbing handfuls of dirt and dropping them on top of each and every one of papa's plants. And his own head, etc. Which led to the other favorite activity: baths in the giant tub. The kid got a lot of baths.

We went to Brazos Bend state park so we could walk among the alligators. Its no zoo, people. Its walking along the swamp and please-keep-your-pets-on-leashes and children-close-to-you so we don't have an alligator tragedy park. I've been a few times over the course of my life and have seen a good number of gators, but this time we saw a GINORMOUS 15 footer. Right on the side of the path. I'll post a pic later. My mom and I went to get pics while Ben, James and my dad stayed way-the-heck-back. Then we turned around and went another way, thank you very much! There were others, but none of the rest were like this one.

We hid (read:threw all over the grass) eggs for James to collect on Saturday before Easter. He picked up the very first one and realized there was something in it (4 m&ms). He opened it and would not move until he had eaten the 4 m&ms. Then he moved on to the next one and would not move until he had eaten those 4 m&ms. Repeat, repeat, repeat. We had to put a stop to it eventually, but from then on, anytime he saw any kind of egg he would start yelling, "canny canny canny" until we could prove to him there was no candy.

We all had our fair share of seafood, barbeque, mexican food, Easter ham and Diet A&W rootbeer. We played a lot of cards with my parents and blew more and more bubbles. James became reaquainted with his cousins Allie, Chelsea, Aaron, Chyna, and Kasey. Also, his aunt Mel, aunt Candy and Uncle Darryl, whom he also called cousins. A good time was had by all.

But alas, here we are back in reality. Ben's back to school and I'm back to the 'stuff' I do. Actually James and I start swim lessons tomorrow and I'm really excited about that. I'm actually concerned that the lessons only last 30 minutes, though. They told me its because children lose interest after half an hour and I thought "WHATEVER! I am going to have to drag that 45 lb child out of the water every week for 8 weeks. Greeeaaaat!"

I hope all of you are well and happy. I'll post some pics as soon as I get the rest from my mama.


Sandy said...

There is nothing like being with family, is there? We spent 10 days in Utah with our children & grandchild & parents & siblings. It is exhausting yet energizing at the same time.
I hope your swimming lessons are a blast!

Janine said...

I can't wait to hear swimming lesson stories! Alligators are scary-- I guess if you keep your distance you enjoy the adrenaline rush without losing family members... :)