Saturday, March 01, 2008

Another Haircut

I think I need to learn how to cut this little boy's hair. (And my big boy too, for that matter.) We cut his hair about a month ago and it was already shaggy city. He did very well for the cut and just laughed everytime the stylist touched him with the clippers. And no, I won't post EVERYTIME he gets a haircut. And yes, his dad IS a geek. And yes, I know the pics are too dark. I am in serious need of some photo help. It doesn't help that I can't take pics of James anymore without him running towards me and yelling, "babies babies babies" because he wants to see the 'babies' (meaning him) in the camera.

This was the before pic:

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J & K Shapiro said...

James, Cute haircut! He is a HANDSOME boy!
Carolyn, I totally understand about the ebay addiction. I had the bug a year and a half ago. The girls loved the Madeline books but they don't make Madeline stuff anymore. I went crazy for a few months--they had a Madeline Christmas in 2006. It finally stopped when I lost a couple of competitive bids and thought people were CRAZY. And I knew I had to quit.
Joseph read a bunch of your blog entries and we laughed hard. He loved the ladies that crossed themselves when the Priest introduced himself! Keep it comin'!
Love ya!