Friday, March 14, 2008

One Semester of Spanish - Love Song

I had to take ONE MINUTE in my crazy, crazy week (ben's phd exams- too much young women's stuff- lady I visit teach in an accident-leaving for tx in the am) to post this HILARIOUS VIDEO that Brett just sent to me. Que lo disfruten.


KARLA: said...

Haa Haa Haa. . . that is too funny! Only becasue I only took one semester and you were my teacher and that pretty much sums it up.

Timoteos said...

That is hilarious and soo true! Now I have to admit I learned a little more Spanish than that (but maybe that was my second semester or maybe it was the trip to Spain). Who knows. Remember when I was so mad we didn't get to sing on Friday because we were in trouble? What a bummer. Btw, I started a's only got a few posts, but what do you do?

Janine said...

Brian loves to show his students this one too... hilarious!