Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You're just going to have to be ok with the fact that there are no pictures. He won't stay still for a picture. Wait, I do have one of him sleeping this week all wrapped up with his lovies. Here you go:

He's cute, huh? Even when he's sick. Again. Sigh. This time (another double ear infection) I asked the Dr. about ear tubes and she said, "ear tubes aren't really popular anymore, but let's send him to an allergist." This is good news, but I dread the thought of having his poor little back or arms being shot up. This is going to be a bowl of cherries. Sigh. In better news, we REALLY REALLY talked to our dr about how he vomits anything we put in his mouth and she called the pharmacist who recommended cefaclor and YEEHAW it hides very well in Mott's Mango Peach Applesauce. We are several days into it and he's taking it twice a day. What a huge relief!

In other news: I'm stupid. I'll be flying alone with James again this Saturday. Ben will join us later next week in Texas. I haven't been home for Easter since I was in High School. It should be lovely and humid.

In ESL news: I helped them through the VERY painful process of writing a paragraph about what they did last weekend. Some students volunteered to read what they had written and one lady reported that she had eaten at "Hopi". I didn't quite understand her so I asked her to repeat and then write it on the whiteboard. I had never heard of that restaurant and after some Q&A about menu offerings and location I realized that she was talking about "IHOP". All of the students wanted to know what that word meant and I had to expain that it was an Acronym. "What's an acronym?" Ok explain what it means. "What does IHOP stand for?" International House of Pancakes. "Why is it international? Do they accept other currencies? What do they serve? Why is a house made of pancakes? What is a pancake? I do not eat bacon. I do not eat sausage. I do not eat pork. I am a muslim. " AAAHH CALGON, seriously TAKE ME AWAY. I bet I could make some kind of money recording myself and posting it online. One of these days my boss is going to come in to observe me and its not going to be pretty.

Ben is going to teach my class for me next week when I am gone and I am seriously going to make him explain something like osmosis or how a bill becomes a law or whatever.

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Brian said...

Hi Carolyn!

Sorry I didn't get to swing by while in El Paso. Truth be told, I was in town for less than 48 hours. I had to get to Orlando for the sealing of a young man I baptized on my mission. I arrived at 11:00 pm Wednesday and was gone Friday at 3 pm. Sorry. You guys just need to find a reason to come to North Carolina!