Thursday, March 06, 2008

33 Things that make life liveable

Ok, stealing ideas from karla and danalee. I present for your consideration 33 things that make my life liveable! I'm not talking loved ones, the gospel, or significant things here, I'm just naming things that I could live without, but I certainly wouldn't want to:

1. Washing machine. I've lived without one and I'm not saying "oh poor me I had to go to the laundrymat" I'm saying washing your clothes by hand on a rock or washboard totally stinks.

2. Dryer. Yeah, same as above, except I hate hanging clothes out to dry-I do not enjoy the smell my clothes get from hanging outdoors and I'm not into crunchy clothes either.

3. 75-90% off Sales at Dillards or anywhere for that matter. I almost always buy clothes off season and YES I HAVE A UNDER THE BED BOX FULL OF BABY GIRL CLOTHES.

4. Hand Sanitizer. I mostly use it in the car after I've been to the store, teaching or church. I use it on James, too. Ben humors me occasionally.

5. Clorox wipes. Mostly to clean up after raw meat (I won't use a kitchen sponge for that) and between major bathroom cleanings.

6. Paper towels. I am very wasteful when it comes to these and you can't make me stop. Not even my mom can make me stop.

7. Chick-fil-a. This is the best ff restaurant EVER. Except the quality is not-so-great outside of TEXAS!

8. Diet A&W root beer. The best tasting diet drink ever created.

9. Peanut Butter M&Ms.

10. James' nap time. 2-2 1/2 hours of peace--and a shower.

11. Nursery at Church. The is kind of a love hate relationship. I LOVE it and it keeps me from wanting to be less active. I hate it because I'm convinced that all of James' sickness comes from there. (yeah, he's sick again).

12. Heart Shaped pink frosted Valentine's cookies.

13. Easter Baskets.

14. Christmas Stockings.

15. Trial Sizes. I AM A TOTAL SUCKER for things that come in tiny little packages. They are soooo cute!

16. Dry erase markers. Very important for teachers and I HATE CHALK!

17. Graduations ceremonies. Yes, they may bore the life out of everyone else, but they make me so happy and almost emotional. I think about all the effort that all the people graduating put into all of their degrees and it's awesome!

18. Email. My lifeline to my loved ones far, far away.

19. Blogs. My lifeline to stalking my loved ones far, far away. Actually it's really weird because blogs almost give you a sense of intimacy. You know all these things about people but you never see them in person. It's kind of weird.

20. Cell phones. Reach out and touch someone.

21. Kitchenaid stand mixer. No, it's not named like danalee's but it rocks! I actually make it a point to wander around the kitchen while I'm mixing so I can think "look, I don't even have to be there". It was worth the saving and amassing of gift cards!

22. Pride and Predjudice. A&E version, nothing else will do. Hello Mr. Darcy!

23. Sound of Music. Probably my favorite movie of all time.

24. Walmart. Just not on the weekend.

25. Albertsons. Just the sale items. Actually, I love going there and so does James. Seriously, half of the employees know us (ok, james) by name and they spoil him and heap attention on him. Its soooo much better than going to walmart.

26. Online banking. My debit/occasional checking account is always balanced and I love it!

27. LOST. Yeah, the show. I don't ever remember liking any TV show this much.

28. Indoor plumbing. Important, but not nearly as important as a washer and dryer. I've lived without this too, and it's a pain in the butt. (ha ha ha ha ha) I would like to add toilet paper in here too. I lived with a family in very rural Mexico that wiped with the kids' old homework, school books, church records (I AM SO NOT KIDDING) etc. After a few weeks of that I made it a point to always bring toilet paper to them when I came back from the city.

29. Greeting cards. For any occasion! Someone actually sent me a Barmitzvah card once.

30. Water Cooler. I love having icy cold water and boiling hot water at my finger tips!

31. Naps/sleeping in. I love it when I can get the occasional nap, but I love it even more when I can sleep in. Thanks, Honey!

32. Lean Cuisine/Healthy Choice frozen meals. Lunch for the lazy.

33. Travel/flying. Love to do it--even sometimes with a toddler.

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DanaLee said...

Just FYI, the NC Chick-fil-a chains are great quality. They are always clean and so darn fast. A new one was just built a spit from my house and seriously they have given out so many freebies that they have endeared my heart even more, like they even needed too!