Monday, March 03, 2008

What could be better?

What could be better than having a happy child? At this point in his life, James is sooo easy to please and making him happy (DOES NOT = Spoiling him or buying him everything I see that I think he would like) is so rewarding. Yeah, he has his moments (namely wailing yesterday at church when I had to go get him down from the choir seats right before the meeting started) but overall, I'm loving the toddlerhood. He's just so funny and I love to see the little wheels in his GIANT head turning as he processes and associates things. Oh, I love that boy!

Besides tomatoes, rice, and Blue's Clues, James has two new obsessions:

1) "Steps" This would be anything from real stairs, a curb, a box turned over, ladders at the playground, etc. He chants "steps steps steps" and HAS TO CONQUER the object to be climbed. (thus his little church problem that happens all the time!) He gets very serious and finds some way to help himself up the 'steps'.

2) Slides or what he perceives as a 'slide'. Of course the real, tall slides at the playground are his fav, but sliding off the couch or even our car driving down a ramp will elicit "sliiiiiiiiide" from him. He often will climb up 'mount Ben' and then slide down.

When you combine the new two favorite things, you know that playground=heaven. We've taken him a few times in the last week and man he is ALL SERIOUS BUSINESS when we are there. He will not stop to take a drink or wave or whatever. He is a very serious little climber and slider. He is 100% engrossed in climbing and sliding the whole time we are there. When it is time to leave, it is soooooo sad. He says some very sad, moaning, "nooooooo" and starts to wail and cry big, fat tears. It is so sad as he reaches and says "sliiiiiide sliiiiiide" and cries some more. He doesn't get mean and tantrumy he just gets sooo sad. I hate it, but I can't justify living at the park while we are paying rent elsewhere.

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