Monday, December 01, 2008

Say what?

A conversation I wish I had never been a part of:

Lady in scrubs: Hi, my name is __________ and I'm a student phlebotomist. Is it ok if I practice, oh I mean draw your blood today?

Me: (looking around for someone else) Um, ok.

Lady in scrubs: Great, 'cause I need all the practice I can get!

Me: (thinking to myself) OH CRAP!

Time passes as she ties up my arm and jabs the inside of my elbow.

Real Phlebotomist: Did you find anything?

Lady in scrubs: I think so. Is this it?

Me: (thinking) OH CRAP!

Real Phlebotomist: I don't know, feel around for it.

Lady in scrubs: I think this is it. Oh wait, maybe it's right here.

Me: (thinking) OH CRAP! Maybe I don't really need this test.

Real Phlebotomist: Did you find it? She does have two arms, you know.

Student starts over on other arm, and repeats the phrase, "Is this it?" no less than 15 times. I am NOT exagerrating.

Me: (thinking) This is for the good of science. Someone else will suffer less because of me. You have friends in nursing school, they have to practice on people, too. At least it wasn't a 'practice' epidural or a 'practice' cathether or a 'practice' surgery or a 'practice' root canal, etc.


Sandy said...

I love your last few posts -- very funny!

J & K Shapiro said...

James is sooo funny. And you and sooo nice. I would have said enough after the third or fourth try and probably been grumpy about it.

J & K Shapiro said...

that "and" is supposed to be an "are."

Chelle said...

When I was in nursing school I practiced on Aaron and he about passed out. It was funny scary! Thanks for sharing your experience... you are too funny!