Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I don't think I've ever posted about this and it will probably be the last time, too. I read all the Twilight series and enjoyed them enough. They were good "traveling" books, you know-don't have to pay a lot of attention, or when you can't sleep at night, or when you're pretending to pay attention to your family or that 5 minutes when your child is actually entertaining himself on the plane, etc.

Unlike a lot of people: I actually liked the "freaky" Breaking Dawn and thought it was more interesting than the other 2000 pages of Bella going on and on about how she will die without Edward and how Jacob is "just a friend". gag me. But what do you expect when you read this type of novel, huh?

Anyway, a bunch of us went out for girls' night out last Saturday and saw the movie. I LIKED IT, OK! The only things I didn't like were: The actress playing Rosalie, Edward's sparkle and Edward and Bella staring at each other on the grass for hours on end. I loved the baseball game and the characters the friends became. I warmed up to the actors playing Bella and Edward and thought her dad was an excellent pic. I really liked James, Victoria and Laurent. And after they toned down the makeup on Carlisle, I liked him too! And yes, I did a lot of laughing--as did most of the audience, but I don't think it was so much "ha ha, she's so funny" but rather nervous laughter breaking up stress/awkward/nervous moments in the movie.

IDK, maybe I'm stupid and have no taste, or maybe I just didn't have any expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. Either way, I'm happy I saw it and I won't be reading the books again any time soon.

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rhonda said...

This whole thing is making me feel really weird. I liked the movie too, you know that cause we were sitting next to each other while watching it, but I’m starting to question myself with it as well. Did I like it just cause everyone else didn’t like it? I don’t think so; I’m usually perfectly willing to admit when I think that something sucks. I was really, really tired when we watched it so that may have impaired my judgment. I don’t know, I guess that this just show’s that everybody is different and that's ok, right?