Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Before all things Halloween: Tonight James brought his drawing board over and said, "Look, mommy, it's Target!" That kid cracks me up! (And impresses me, too :) )

Pre-Halloween pose in our great and spacious kitchen:

Last night was all that a Halloween should be: good friends, good food, good costumes, and great candy. Our congregation had a chili cook off (which we didn't win-and don't feel bad about that. We tried out a new white chili recipe that after all was said and done, I didn't even like or eat at the party. Good thing other people ate it or I'd be eating it for dinner, yuck!)
Anyway, after the chili cook off, we handed out candy al estilo trunk-or-treat. Needless to say, the kid loved it.

Doesn't this next pic look like we dropped the kid on a dark, deserted road somewhere to trick or treat by himself? Ben snapped this in the middle of all the trunk or treat action!

After we left the ward party, we took James trick or treating for a while around family campus housing. Everybody thought he was the cutest kid ever! This one lady asked if she could take a picture of him. It was crazy. For the most part he was polite and remembered to say thanks, but it went like this:
James: Trick or treat
Candy giver: Oh you're so cute, blah blah blah (gives candy)
James: ThanksIwannatryanotherdooroverthere. (points and walks away)
Me: Um, bye, and thanks!

This was us at the end of the evening:
After we got James into bed, Ben and I experienced a new parental duty: raid, oh I mean, sort James' candy haul. We threw out all the Mexican candy (don't need any lead in our child's brain) took out all the gum, jawbreakers, now and laters, and anything else that would choke him, made sure that there were none of the now infamous chinese chocolate coins, ate a few here and there and put the rest in a stash for bribes or whatever. Who knows what we're going to do with all of it.
Who can resist this cutie face?

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J & K Shapiro said...

I like the picture of you. You look beautiful!