Sunday, November 23, 2008


There is a print of this picture at our Chapel. Today as we were walking in the foyer I asked James, "Who is that a picture of?"
James: Jesus!
Me: Who are the other people in the picture?
James: It's the band.
I was laughing so hard I didn't feel very reverent.
Earlier this week, James kept saying, "I need Jesus." At first I thought it was a little odd, but then I just thought he was being sweet.
As the morning progressed, James repeated "I need Jesus" and I would hug him and tell him that was sweet.
Later that day we watched a bit of TV and a Cheez-it commercial came on. James started jumping up and down saying, "I need CHEEZ-ITS!"
Ok, so he wasn't saying Jesus. My bad.


Sandy said...

All the good leading men have back-up bands!!

The Waite Family said...

Really you liked it? It didn't follow the book which I knew it wouldn't to an extent but the best part in the book was the meadow and them eating lunch together for the first time and all the conversations together getting to know each other, where was that and the sparkling in the sun, LAME. I really wish I was there with you guys too I miss all of you.

Elaine said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

J & K Shapiro said...

The band! I love it!