Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas 2009

The first thing you may (or may not) notice as you look at these pics is that James is wearing pjs in every single one. We spent Christmas in Kansas this year and we passed around the gift that keeps on giving: Stomach flu. James got sick the 2nd day we were there, and as he was getting well, Ben got it; and as he was getting well, Grandma got it. (Knocking on some serious wood here: I never got it.)

We had fun despite all the sickies and enjoyed our time not only with Grandma and Grandpa, but also Uncle Jared, Aunt Nolita and COUSINS! James was once again in cousin heaven!

James jumping up to express his excitement about the marble run he got for Christmas. Daddy always makes the best designs. (The dark area on his pjs is from vapor rub...)

Ben at the height of his sickiness, accompanied by Grandpa at naptime.

James looking sicky. Just included this pic because this is how Joshua spent his perpetual motion!

James yelling out, "Merry Christmas, everybody!" as we were opening gifts.

James was a bit nervous about Rocky the Robot Truck. We all LOVE this toy! Worth the money!

The best way I could capture the happiness on Christmas morning.

Kids table on Christmas Eve. James was still feeling icky and would only eat Asparagus for dinner.

Elizabeth is a dear cousin! She spent many patient hours doing things with James.

Grandpa Swan gave James his sign from his parking place at the library. What an awesome gift!

Opening gifts with cousins....Joseph entertained that child forever!

Christmas morning waiting for the presents to be passed out.

This Christmas was full of magic for James. Anytime we drove past a house with ANY minimal Christmas lights, he yelled at the top of his lungs, "LOOK! THEY ARE GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS!" or simply, "CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!" It was enough to make us almost wreck several times. I tried to use the whole, "Santa is watching you" threat sparingly-and it worked! He loved talking to the Santa at the mall in LJ over Tthanksgiving and once again at the church Christmas party. When I asked if he had thanked Santa for his gift at the party, he insisted in waiting in line again so that he could tell Santa thank you up close and personally.
And true to his recent trend of declaring everything the "best _______ ever!", all day Christmas he declared, "This is the BEST Christmas in my whole life!"

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Nate, Marie & Lilly said...

Wow, all he ate was asparagus...What is wrong with your child. j/k Asparagus would actually make me want to puke my guts out. Glad everyone is all better.