Monday, January 04, 2010

First Day of Primary!

Tried to get a decent pic of James today for his first day of Primary. His was happy but quite disinterested in posing. I was *told* that he was really well behaved today, but it's probable that's what they tell all the mamas of the Sunbeams. His class shouldn't be too bad since it's just him, his Bff Lilly and one other cutie boy.

We got him an inexpensive set of scriptures and Daddy gave him his case.

Sniff. He's growing up. When we were walking to the car after church, this is how it went down:
Me: Did you have an awesome day at Primary?
James: Yep.
Me: How was your teacher?
James: Really nice.
Me: How was the class?
James: Same ol' Same ol'.
(Am I already raising a teenager?!?!)

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Mrs. Reese said...

He DID do good, he's so cute!