Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Enrichment Gone Wild!

Before I start my story, I would like to state for the record:

1) I am 33 years old, married, mama, upstanding citizen, and church going lady.

2) I like to have a good time with the girls.

3) Last night I laughed harder and longer than I have for eons.

Last night was our monthly (or not so monthly) Enrichment meeting. It was a social hour at the RS pres.'s house complete with treats. Ahead of time, some of the 'younger ladies' had planned to get together for a girls' night out. We sat around talking trying to decide what to do and we quickly ruled out skinny dipping and walmart. Somehow we decided to T.P. the Bishop's house. (They live wa-a-a-y out there and have a healthy supply of teenage boys to clean things up.) We invited all who wanted to come and I ended up with a van full (7) of crazy ladies. One pregnant.

I think my favorite part of the evening was all 7 of us standing in the TP aisle of walmart at 9pm doing comparison shopping of toilet paper. There were ladies spread from far left to far right shouting out prices, brands, numbers of rolls, size of rolls, 'two ply', etc. Then all seven of us crowded around the checkout where some young guy checking us out (literally and figuratively) didn't have the guts to ask why 7 women were buying that massive amount of tp.

My second favorite part of the evening was right before we loaded up the van to go do the job. There were 4 of us on cell phones trying to explain to our husbands that, yes enrichment was over, no we're not quite coming home yet, and "I'll let you know what we're doing later..."

We drove out to the target house and two of the girls decide they better pee before any running is necessary. I pulled over across the street and they did their business while another girl scoped out the house. When everybody was ready, I drove down the long driveway oh-so-carefully and quietly and then "WHACK!" We were targeted by a water balloon. THEY KNEW WE WERE COMING AND THEY WERE READY FOR US! Poor girl outside the car was running for her life trying to get into the moving van. We were screaming and laughing and decided that we were brave enough to handle water balloons for the chance to TP since we would have ammo much longer than they would.

We all got out and were doing our best to launch the TP sky high while avoiding being hit. Everyone was laughing hysterically and I'm so glad those ladies had peed ahead of time, because they would have been a lost (wet) cause if they had tried to hold it during this scene. Suddenly, we realized that water balloons were not the only things being launched. Come to find out that the person who 'ratted us out' didn't tell them who was coming and they were expecting a brigade of young men and they had readied their paint ball guns. Yeah, big fun for everyone! One of our women got hit and we all dove in the van and took off. I pulled out of the driveway, we checked out L's war wound and couldn't stop laughing. Or planning revenge.

You might be asking yourself, "Um, how old are you?" I refer you to #1 above.

Late last night the Bishop's family found out who had been trying to TP their house, and I've been told that had they known it was a car full of RS ladies in their dark yard, they would not have pulled the guns on us. That's a comforting thought ;)

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The Waite Family said...

I am sooooo jealous and soa sad that I missed It I miss you guys so much, I think i am going to cry!!!

rhonda said...

Shannon, don't the RS meetings up there end up with the women trying to TP the bishop's house?

Ben and Carolyn said...

SHANNON! we miss you too, and we had the perfect place for you on the right floor board of the minivan! We could have used your skills in our tping!

I DEFINITELY recommend that you bring up TPing the bishop as an appropriate and unifying activity after your next enrichment up there in WA!

J & K Shapiro said...

WOW! It feels so good to laugh that hard. Fun for you!

Elaine said...

I wish I was in your ward! When I was a youth some of our leaders would go with us to tp the bishop's house, and his wife even got caught by the police TPing one of the mom's houses on her birthday. Fun times! Every ward I've been in since then, well, just not so much into the tp. Plus the police in the 'burbs seem to have cracked down on such behavior. Like there is nothing better for them to do.