Saturday, October 04, 2008

I love the Priesthood session of General Conference! After the Apostles lead the smackdown on the men, Ben usually comes home with some sort of nice little something for me ;) and once again expresses his love and appreciation. (He does this often enough, but I think the guys feel the need to cover their bases after that session.)

Oh, and I was going to invite all the mamas with kids James' age to come over and decorate pumpkin shaped sugar cookies, but I was blessed with a vision of what that would be like, came to my senses, and never invited anyone. We should have done something, but laziness won.

I never updated on the Apple Situation. We estimated that we worked with about 50-60lbs of apples. We dehydrated the majority, and then made 12 quarts of apple pie filling, 12 of applesauce, a couple of pies, and saved some for eating. I had never canned before, but I ended up really enjoying it, especially since Ben and my mom were doing lots of the slave labor and my dad was keeping James entertained. AND HECK YEAH, I went out and bought one of those apple peeler, corer, slicer thingies and I LOVE IT! Highly recommend it, ya'll.


Elaine said...

Ha ha! My husband and I have called it the Priesthood Smackdown for YEARS!!! Unfortunately I went out with my mother yesterday and everything took much longer than we expected, and I made my poor husband miss the smackdown.

J & K Shapiro said...

Great posts recently. Congrats on the apple canning! I canned jam for the first time in my life this August and I was sooo pleased that all the jars sealed! I was interested in canning peaches but didn't have the cool help you had. Maybe next year we could CAN! :)