Sunday, October 26, 2008

James has been way over the top annoying lately when we go to stores. "I want this! I want that! Give it to me!" Aaaahhh! One day last week when I really was tired of all the fits, I told him, "Let's tell Santa that you want that for Christmas." Big mistake. Even though Christmas is only 2 months away, to a 2 year old, that's the same amount of time that dinosaurs roamed the earth or how old my dad is or something really long and drawn out. Every day he's been asking for his presents from Santa. AAARGH! We tried explaining to him when it was going to be, but nothing doing. I told Ben that one of these days I was going to wrap up some presents from All A Dollar and tell James that Christmas is here! Anyway, here's a bit of James in his costume for Halloween telling us what he wants and what he thinks we want :)

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