Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Farm/Corn Maze

Yesterday James and I went on a field trip to the farm/corn maze/toddler heaven with the mamas and preschoolers from the program I work with. It was such an awesome place! The weather was perfect and there was so much to do.

Here is James with one of the FIVE year olds on the trip. Her mom thought it was funny that he was bigger than her.

We're on the tractor/hayride. James was busy not letting me take his picture.

Searching for the perfect pumpkin and once again avoiding the camera.

On the edge of the corn maze.

I couldn't get any pics of James going down the giant slides because I had to climb up the hill with him every time. Supposedly, parents are supposed to ride down with kids under 4, but James kept sliding down without me! He would slide down by himself, jump up and take off for the entrance to the hill again without even looking up to see if I was coming down the slide after him. We climbed that hill a lot of times before I finally succeeded in directing his attention to other things.

He's the one in the middle with the dirty butt chasing after all the middle school kids.

He kept asking for the keys to start the tractor!


Sandy said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! Did he ever get the keys to the tractor?

J & K Shapiro said...

Love the tractor pic. I think he is bigger than my 6 year old. Give the boy a football! Or a basketball!