Monday, February 09, 2009

I tried to make my birthday funny so that my niece, Chelsea, could get some enjoyment out of my blog this week, but nothing doing. It was a lovely two day event! On Thursday, I was cooked for and pampered and all that Jazz. My class surprised me with flowers and balloons and candy. James and Ben gave me presents and I got lots of birthday emails and phone calls and cards. One funny thing that did happen... I got an unsigned birthday card in the mail. Cracks me up--almost like a prank phone call, but nothing perverse.

On Friday, we set up a marathon babysitter and headed over to El Paso. Per my request (and with free movie passes in hand) we saw two chick flicks in a row! I cannot recommend "He's just not that into you" But we really liked "New in Town".) Ben was a sport in two theaters full of women laughing, gasping, and saying things like, "oh no he didn't!" Anyway, afterwards we headed over for a late dinner at PF Changs. I love that place! It was an awesome date!


Jenny said...

Hey it's me, Jenny from college. I'm finally a blogger and I found your address in my old emails. I've loved reading over your blogs. How old is James now?
Do you have Bonnie's blog address?

Chelsea said...

Well, I'm glad you had a good time. :)