Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Milestones" and such

James info: 2 Years, 10 months.

I'm not really up to date on what the "2 year old Milestones" are, but I think I have a pretty good sense of what James excels at and what he is lacking. He still needs help on some of the playground equipment, and he is none too interested in using the potty. (We're going to hit that during my long break in March, I think.) He can't peddle his little bike yet and he's hit or miss while catching a ball. I guess most of these things are gross motor skills.

Open topped cups are still iffy, and he spills here and there with spoons.


(here comes the part where half the world may think I'm bragging, the grandparents will be proud, and I'm just keeping records...)

If I load the Nick Jr website for him, he can use the mouse and do what he wants all over the site. He has known all his colors since before he was two (we didn't even teach them to him on purpose) and he can draw great things for his age.

He knows all the upper case letters and most of the numbers 1-10. I guess we should move on to lowercase, huh?

The thing that gets me the most are his verbal skills. He was a LATE talker, but did a lot of catching up and he just amazes us everyday with the things that come out of his mouth. These are some examples of what he says to us:

*Where are we going next... I don't want to go home yet... I want to go somewhere else.

*For my birthday I want *Bob the builder cups and plates and napkins and a cake and a pinata and presents and games. (*Character changes several times a week.)

*I love Mcdonalds, it is my favorite restaurant in the whole world. I want a happy meal with chicken nuggets, french fries, a drink and a toy. Can we go there please?

*Mommy, where is Daddy? I miss my Daddy and I want him to come home NOW!

*Mommy, you be a *horse. Does the horse like carrots? Does the horse like to play? Does the horse want a happy meal? Does the horse like trains? (*Animal always changes and he gets MAD if you don't answer him with the sound of that animal.)

*I don't want a timeout, I want to play right now. I'm going to my room to be mad!

*I want to lick this ketchup off my finger. Can I lick my finger? I'm going to dip my finger in my ketchup again, ok?

*Can we go in the storeroom to get a snack? I want to pick it out. You don't get my snack, mama.

*That food (or whatever) made me sick. I need to see a Doctor. The doctor will look in my mouth and my ears and I will be all better. (He even told my mom, "I'm sick. I need to go to the hospital.")

And today's favorite: anytime I've given him anything today he has responded, "Why, thank you, Mommy." I know he has to be copying someone, but it is sooo cute.

He has also started inventing stories, often to cover his own hide or to make his version of events more interesting. (He told me that he and Ben went to Target to buy me a present. True. He also told me they stopped and got popcorn, a drink, candy and other refreshments. Not true.)

I am actually beginning to understand why people would want to study early childhood development. I LOVE THIS AGE!

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Jenny said...

I'm not surprised that he is so intelligent--just look at his parents! My son doesn't even do some of that and he's four.

Oh, and I LOVED age two as well. It was my very very favorite. Andrew didn't get the terrible twos until he was three. (Would that be the therrible threes?)