Thursday, February 26, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Ok, there are AT LEAST as many Spanish speakers in this city as English speakers. Can you tell me why I would get a English/Spanish Flyer at work that says things like this:

Kids are welcome with their parents.
Los cabritos son agradables con los padres.

Are you serious? Who speaks Spanish like that? (Besides my dad.) This is the work of a monolingual weirdo wielding a bilingual dictionary. Couldn't they have asked one of the 50,000 (or more) people in this city that speak Spanish?

(It also says things like, "crecido fuera pesticidas" and "llamada o parada cerca". Lovely, isn't it?)

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Janine said...

This is precisely why I never write in Spanish though I can speak it!

Ok, I am not that bad, but it is funny that no one proof read that one.

We ran across a menu in Argentina where the translations for food were darn near pornographic. Brian and I were laughing so hard, we asked to hang on to the menu while our food was being prepared so we could read the whole thing.