Friday, February 13, 2009

I was tutoring at my apartment yesterday morning (which I rarely do at home) and so I was trying to keep James occupied while I taught the oh-so-enthused-awake-too-early-teenaged-boy about verb conjugations. James was in the computer room playing on the Nick Jr website. (It really is amazing to see him use the mouse to play games and move throughout the site. Geekdom here we come...) Anyway, I heard him dancing around and singing to a Dora music video and I thought I'd peek in and see the cutie.

Not only was he dancing around and singing, he was also clutching my last Godiva chocolate bar in his hot little hand. Completely unwrapped. Dark chocolate all over face and hands, he says, "Hi Mommy, I LOVE this chocolate!" (Continues dancing and singing and eating.) All I could do was laugh out loud and wish I had the video camera out.

Valentine's is tomorrow. Maybe cupid will bring me a yummy replacement :)

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Chelsea said...

I definitely wish you had your camera too, he has some funny dance moves.